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lloyd cole and the commotions - rattlesnakes (glasgow, 1984)

three years since that summer in scotland and i’ve only now decided that this can be an All Time Favorite Song.

that is, when people ask me what my favorite song is, i’m going to answer “rattlesnakes by lloyd cole.” unless i feel like answering with something else.

lloyd cole was english, but he formed the commotions at the university of glasgow, which just happens to be where i’m studying now. and this just happens to be my favorite song, still. 

"When I’m not working, I just like to be comfortable: I love black, nothing tight, no heels, no make-up - it’s nice to be able to breathe!" - Eva Green.

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Grimes - Vanessa

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Karen O performing ‘Rapt’ live for Sofar Sounds.

Amazing <3

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It’s easy when you realize
You’re nothing, you’re nothing
It’s easy when you realize

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"Le temps est bon, le ciel est bleu j’ai deux amis qui sont aussi mes amoureux"

Evocative song. It’s featured in Xavier Dolan’s Les Amours Imaginaires (2010) and it perfectly illustrates the characters.

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